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MS Health Education

As a health and wellness coach I take pride in offering the best services for my clients.  I am dedicated to serving the needs of my clients each and every time I meet with them.  

Health and Wellness has always been an important aspect of my life and with my Bachelor of Science degree in Health and Wellness and my Masters of Science in Health Education I can deliver my expertise to you. My love for health started with recreational sports, continued into the military and has progressed through my life.  I have practiced yoga for the last 19 years, Kung Fu for 7 years and have ran many races including a sprint triathlon and obstacle courses. Currently, I stay active in my gym with my clients and enjoy swimming. My knowledge is ever growing and so will yours as my client. My health and wellness programs offer each client with a personalized health program that includes physical activity, nutrition, goal setting and personal evaluation.

On a personal note, I am married and have 3 beautiful children.  Not only am I dedicated to my own health and wellness but also to those around me.  My family and I practice workout in the gym regularly together and enjoy being an active family with solid eating habits.  


My goal as a health and wellness coach is to provide a place where anyone can come to meet their health goals, whatever they may be, encompassing all characteristics of good health, including chronic illness management.  

My Classes provide a mixture of yoga, cardiovascular and strength training to help each client improve their fitness level, reduce fat, build muscle without hitting plateaus or becoming bored with their workout! 

Hours of Operation:

Monday: CLOSED

Tuesday: 6am-11am & 415pm-8pm

Wednesday: 6am-11am & 415pm-8pm

Thursday: 415pm-8pm

Friday: CLOSED

Saturday: 7am-10am 

Sunday: CLOSED

Nutrition Plans


Nutrition Plans are designed specifically to avoid the rut of yo-yo dieting, by creating a plan that you can live with for the rest of your life! No longer think short-term!

Tamara's Absolute Training

Become the Healthiest Version of You...

My Clients ultimate satisfaction is a how I measure my success!!!

Become The Healthiest Version of You with Tamara Jackson.  When you sign up with Tamara you will not only receive a personalized fitness program to increase strength, cardiovascular endurance and flexibility. You will receive nutritional counseling, chronic illness prevention and management and stress reduction techniques that are based on your current fitness level and specific goals. Come see what I am all about!! 

Programs & Classes

See why I have long lasting clients & how their lives have changed through My Guidance, Hard Work & Dedication!